Whit Holiday Activities

Here are some suggestions of activities and links to websites, to give families some ideas and support over the Whit holiday break.

  1. Create a home cinema
    Rent, download or buy the children’s favourite movie, get some snacks such as popcorn and pizza at the ready, dim the lights and sit back and enjoy!
  2. Do a jigsaw
    A good jigsaw can keep everyone entertained for hours on end. Dust off your favourite jigsaw and see how quickly you can complete it as a team.
  3. Create a puppet show
    Dig out your old socks and the crafts box and have fun creating puppet characters. The endless stories that the kids create will keep their imagination occupied for hours.
  4. Go for a picnic
    Choose a park or a woods, perhaps somewhere that you have never been before, and go and explore. Take a picnic and find the perfect spot for when you all need a rest (socially distanced from others of course).
  5. Go on a bike ride
    Strap on your helmets and explore the countryside on your bikes. A fun activity for all the family.
  6. Make an indoor obstacle course
    Make it as easy or as hard as you like based on your children’s ability, or better still, let them help you set it up and suggest ideas. Use bits of string to create a “laser maze” for them to crawl through, masking tape to mark patterns or areas on the floor that they have to navigate through or repurpose some toys such a hula hoop or play tunnel that they have to complete as part of the trial.
  7. Let them help you wash the car
    A win-win for everyone, you get a nice clean car and the kids get to play with bubbles and spray each other with water.
  8. Create your own treasure hunt
    Hide things round the house and create a list of all the items that are hidden for the kids to tick off as they find them.
  9. Build a den
    Every child loves building a den or fort. Use bed sheets, boxes and cushions to create somewhere they can hide, play with their friends or just relax. You can even add fairy lights for an extra cosy feel.
  10. Put on a fashion show
    Create a catwalk and let them dress up in some of your clothes or fancy dress. Grab the camera and take some photographs for them to look at afterwards. You may even capture some great shots to be framed and put up on the wall.
  11. Bake a cake
    A group activity that is lots of fun, especially when they get to lick the bowl afterwards! Whether you decide to bake one big cake or lots of little cupcakes, decorating them is always lots of fun!
  12. Make something in a shoe box

Don’t throw away used milk cartons, juice cartons, cereal boxes or shoe boxes. It is amazing what you can create with these. You could recreate your child’s favourite book in a shoebox, or if they like History it could be Tutankhamen’s tomb in a shoe box or a can from the Titanic!.

  1. Stone paintings

Collect stones of pebbles and paint lovely pictures, designs and messages on them. You could create several to act out or retell a story.


Visit a virtual theme park by following this link.


If you fancy a trip to the museum, why not choose from one of these virtual tours from different places around.


Take a trip around the world with one of these virtual treks


Observe some of you favourite animals by looking at these live webcams from zoos around the world:


Here is a link for free things to do at home:


Here are some simple recipes that older children could make on their own or younger children can try with parents.


Here are some Science experiments that can be tried with different age groups:

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