We focus on 3 main things:

  • Fluency - We learn basic number facts so we can work quickly and accurately.
  • Reasoning - We learn how to explain our thinking and understanding.
  • Problem Solving - We learn how to solve problems.

These are our beliefs:

  • We can all be good at Maths.
  • We all learn together; we help each other understand.
  • We know that it’s ok to make mistakes; we use them to learn.
  • We expect to find some things hard; we know to keep trying.
  • We know that it is important to understand why answers are correct.
  • We like to prove our understanding.
  • We use resources and images to help us learn.

Our teachers think about the way we are taught:

  • They use apparatus, models and images to help us learn.
  • They develop our conceptual understanding of the different topics.
  • They ask questions that help us develop our understanding.
  • They check our work within the lesson and/or at the end of each day.
  • They get us to check our own work and that of our peers.
  • Their marking helps us to know how we are doing.
  • Their marking helps them plan the next day’s work.
  • If we are struggling to do the work, they will help get us support.

The Aims of Mathematics:

  • To promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity and exploration
  • To promote confidence and competence so that children are proud of their achievements
  • To develop logical thinking and reasoning skills through an investigative approach
  • To develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of numbers and the number system
  • To develop problem-solving skills through reasoning in a range of contexts
  • To develop a practical understanding of data collection and presentation
  • To explore features of shape and space, and develop measuring skills in a range of contexts
  • To understand the importance of mathematical skills in everyday life

Our daily, ‘quality first’ teaching encompasses work on counting and the number system, mental mathematics and an objective-based focus from the curriculum. Our teaching addresses the 3 main aims of the mastery curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem-solving). We provide focused support for our KS2 pupils to help them build an understanding of the skills needed when problem-solving.

We use AfL strategies to inform our knowledge of pupils’ understanding. Our marking policy ensures regular, short-term assessments that inform planning and enable accurate teacher assessments of specific objectives. In addition, we use regular formal testing to aid accuracy in regard to teachers’ judgments.




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