Weekly Science Miss Dunn

Wednesday 20th May


Hello Year 2! I hope you enjoyed Science last week!

This is our last week on the topic of plants. I hope you have enjoyed learning about them.

There are a few interesting things I would like you to investigate before we move on. Below I have linked an experiment that shows how water travels through plants. If you could try this experiment at home that would be fantastic but please do not worry if you can’t. You will need a flower, water and food colouring.


The last thing I want you to learn about is how plants reproduce. We can plant our own seeds for plant to grow but some plants spread their own seeds for more plants to grow.

The link below has a video which explains how plants spread their seeds. I want you to watch this video first. After you have watched the video there are a few quizzes I want you to do which will test your knowledge on plants. You have learned so much about plants!


To learn more about how plants spread their seeds, follow the link below to watch the video and complete the quiz.


At the bottom of this page I have attached an activity booklet about the reproduction of plants. Get an adult to help you draw the worksheet out in your books. Then once you have put the stages in order you can draw the pictures yourself and colour them in.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on ClassDojo.



This week I would like you to use Maths with Parents to help you practise division.

  • Write the DUMTUM in your book


L.O. Fact families for multiplication and division


Have fun Year 2 and keep safe.

Miss Dunn


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