Meet the staff team at St Barnabas CE Primary School:

                                                                           Senior Leadership Team

Miss J Hodgkinson - Head Teacher.jpg Miss E Perkins - Deputy Head Teacher.jpg Mrs J Fisher - SENCO.jpg Miss N Carr - Teacher.jpg  
Miss Hodgkinson Miss Perkins                 Mrs Fisher Miss Carr  



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 Deputy Headteacher




 KS1 & EYFS Leader


                                  EYFS and KS1 Teachers  
          Miss N Carr - Teacher.jpg     StBarnabasWarringtonJC 414.jpg Mr K Silver - Teacher.jpg  
                Miss Carr               Mrs Gleave        Mr Silver  

        Reception Teacher


         Year 1 Teacher


  Year 2 Teacher


                                   KS2 Teachers  
  StBarnabasWarringtonJC 566.jpg Miss E Perkins - Deputy Head Teacher.jpg          Miss R Callaghan - Teacher.jpg Mrs S Wright - Teacher.jpg  
      Mrs Emmott      Miss Perkins  Miss Callaghan       Mrs Wright  

  Year 3 Teacher


   Year 4 Teacher


 Year 5 Teacher


   Year 6 Teacher


                               Specialist Teachers
stbarnabaswarrGS 035.jpg                
Mrs A Bate - Teacher.jpg


   Awaiting Image  
    Mrs Longden        Mrs Bate    Mrs Ancliffe       Mrs Longstaff  

      RE and Art


Modern Foreign Languages


    Music Tutor


 Music and Movement


                             Academic Mentors    

   Francesca Alfano - Academic Mentor.jpg

      Mrs Alfano




  Nursery and Reception Teaching Assistants    
  stbarnabaswarrGS 523.jpg stbarnabaswarrGS 032.jpg stbarnabaswarrGS 033.jpg  Miss J Collins - Teaching Assistant.jpg


        Mrs Virdi        Miss Kinlin     Miss Fletcher       Ms Collins  


Nursery Room Leader



Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant       

Teaching Assistant



  KS1 Teaching Support    
 Mrs T Bates - Teaching Assistant.jpg
Sarah Roberts - Teaching Assistant.jpg
      Mrs Bates      Mrs Roberts      

Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant


  KS2 Teaching Support    
 Mrs C Dean - Higher Level Teaching Assistant.jpg Miss L Norgate - Teaching Assistant.jpg Mrs M Steel - Teaching Assistant.jpg    
     Mrs Dean      Miss Norgate        Mrs Steel    



 Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant


  Office Team
  Mrs B Walsh - Office Manager.jpg
Mrs J Edwards - Admin Assistant.jpg
        Mrs Walsh    Mrs Edwards    

   Office Manager


  Admin Assistant


  Catering and Midday Team    
 stbarnabasCW 735.jpg  stbarnabasCW 736.jpg  Mrs L Sutcliffe - Kitchen Assistant.jpg    
       Mrs Maudsley       Mrs Morris      Mrs Sutcliffe    

   Catering Supervisor


  Kitchen Assistant


 Kitchen Assistant


C Dillon - Midday Assistant.jpg
Miss D Parr - Link Club Assistant - Midday Assistant.jpg
 stbarnabasCWb005.jpg         StBarnabasWarringtonJC 569.jpg  
      Mrs Dillon       Miss Parr       Mrs Haslam              Miss Pirie  

 Midday Assistant


  Midday Assistant


   Midday Assistant


       Midday Assistant


  Cleaning and Site Management    
   stbarnabasCWb005.jpg stbarnabasCW 736.jpg     
         Mrs Haslam        Mrs Morris    





                               Breakfast and Link Club    
  Mrs J Fisher - SENCO.jpg Miss D Parr - Link Club Assistant - Midday Assistant.jpg    

     Mrs Fisher


        Mrs Parr



Our Vision

Preparing for a positive future,
achieved through faith

“Let your light shine”Matthew 5:16

About Us

St BarnabasChurch of England Primary School

St Barnabas is a very special place where we prepare our children for a positive future, achieved through faith and aim to give our children the knowledge, skills, self-belief and love of learning to ‘let their light shine’.

Let's Connect

St Barnabas Church of England Primary SchoolCollin Street, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 1TG

Mrs WalshOffice Manager

01925 633606 [email protected]

Miss Jane Hodgkinson | Headteacher

Mrs J Fisher | SEN Contact