Meet the staff team at St Barnabas CE Primary School:

Senior Leadership Team

  Miss J Hodgkinson - Head Teacher.jpg   Miss E Perkins - Deputy Head Teacher.jpg  
  Miss Hodgkinson   Miss Perkins  
  Headteacher   Deputy Headteacher  
  EYFS and KS1 Teachers  
  Miss Z Millar - Teacher.jpg Miss N Carr - Teacher.jpg Mr K Silver - Teacher.jpg
          Miss Millar        Miss Carr        Mr Silver
       Reception Teacher        Year 1 Teacher        Year 2 Teacher
   KS2 Teachers  
Miss J Ferran - Teacher.jpg Miss E Perkins - Deputy Head Teacher.jpg          Miss R Callaghan - Teacher.jpg Mrs S Wright - Teacher.jpg
      Miss Ferran      Miss Perkins    Miss Callaghan       Miss Wright
        Year 3 Teacher        Year 4 Teacher        Year 5 Teacher         Year 6 Teacher
  Specialist Teachers
     Mrs K Longden - Teacher.jpg
Mrs A Bate - Teacher.jpg


    Mrs Longden        Mrs Bate         Mrs Ancliffe       Mrs Longstaff
        RE and Art Modern Foreign Languages               Music Tutor       Music and Movement
  Nursery and Reception Teaching Assistants  
Mrs T Bates - Teaching Assistant.jpg
Mrs V Virdi - Teaching Assistant.jpg
Miss H Phillips - Teaching Assistant.jpg
     Mrs Bates        Mrs Virdi     Miss Phillips  
   Teaching Assistant     Teaching Assistant     Teaching Assistant  
  KS1 Teaching Support  
  Miss J Collins - Teaching Assistant.jpg
Mrs C Jack - Teaching Assistant.jpg
       Miss Collins       Mrs Jack  
      Teaching Assistant     Teaching Assistant  
  KS2 Teaching Support  
Mrs M Steel - Teaching Assistant.jpg
Mrs C Dean - Higher Level Teaching Assistant.jpg
Miss L Norgate - Teaching Assistant.jpg
      Mrs Steel      Mrs Dean      Miss Norgate  
    Teaching Assistant            HLTA     Teaching Assistant  
  Office Team
  Mrs B Walsh - Office Manager.jpg
Mrs J Edwards - Admin Assistant.jpg
        Mrs Walsh    Mrs Edwards  
        Office Manager      Admin Assistant  
  Catering and Midday Team  
 stbarnabasCW 735.jpg  stbarnabasCW 736.jpg  Mrs L Sutcliffe - Kitchen Assistant.jpg  
       Mrs Maudsley       Mrs Morris   Mrs Sutcliffe  
       Catering Supervisor      Kitchen Assistant  Kitchen Assistant  
C Dillon - Midday Assistant.jpg
Miss D Parr - Link Club Assistant - Midday Assistant.jpg
 stbarnabasCWb005.jpg Mrs K Stone - Midday Assistant - Governor.jpg
      Mrs Dillon       Miss Parr       Mrs Haslam          Mrs Stone
    Midday Assistant       Midday Assistant        Midday Assistant         Midday Assistant
  Cleaning and Site Management  
   stbarnabasCWb005.jpg stbarnabasCW 736.jpg   
           Mrs Haslam        Mrs Morris  
           Caretaker/Cleaner               Cleaner  

St Barnabas CE Primary School

Collin Street, Warrington,

Cheshire WA5 1TG

01925 633606